About CRS

Crystal Rose Skin was founded by Amber Ford(Lattie) and established August 2020. With the passing of Amber's Mother July 2019, Amber started to pursue a goal of hers and attend Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia for esthetics. Her time in the program opened her to the possibility of owning a beauty and skin company. 

Crystal Rose Skin is named after Amber's Mother Crystal and her grandmother's favorite flower. Focusing on spotlighting beauty and skincare brands that are focused on black and brown women and men is the core of Crystal Rose Skin. With many larger brands learning the being power with inclusivity, Amber wanted to be a company to introduce indie brands into the lives of women and men of color. 

Many of the brands you will see on Crystal Rose Skin will be owned and operated by people color and practice non toxic skin and beauty practices. This is because many of the household brands do not understand the difference in how to care for black and brown skin. Melanin plays a very delicate part of how our skin heals and protects itself. Using products in ways that do not assist in keeping melanin healthy, ultimately damages it. 

Crystal Rose Skin seeks to provide a virtual and physical space to showcase companies dedicated to the health and beauty of black and brown skin.